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Mail-in/ remote Operation Procedures

Available Sample Holders

Instruction on Sample Mounting & Beamline Operation

Register & Request holders

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b.Capillary Samples
d.Ambient DSC
e. temperature capillary
f. temperature DSC
g. 96-well plate
h.Non-bio/organic Liquid

Process Requests

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Realtime DataViewer

Remote Operation /Mail-in Service

12-ID-B & C provide mail-in services and remote operations. Several sample holders and containers have been designed for those operations.  Now we accept both room temperature and temperature variation measurements. 

For those who are interested in mail-in services and remote operation, here is the procedure:

  • (1) Read the following description about the sample holders and frames, and make sure your samples fit one of those holders.

  • (2) Contact beamline staff for feasibility of your experiments at the beamline and beamtime availability. 

  • (3) If your samples fit the beamline capability and beamtime available, you may be allocated a beamtime. 

  • (4) Register at this beamline website, request the approporiate sample holders, and beamline staff send you the requested holders.

  • (5) Mount samples unto the holders and send them back to beamline, meanwhile prepare and submit ESAF and sample info file (described later).

  • (6) Run your samples on the assigned beamtime. For remote operation, you will be granted permission to log onto beamline computer and run samples remotely with the beamline staff's assistance.

  • (7) Your data transfer is preferred through Globus, which needs you to have a personal Globus account and Globus set-up at your end by your institute. Contact your IT personel to see if Globus has been set up at your institute. An alternative way for data transfer is through APS sftp server.  

  • (8) Please note that your samples will NOT be sent back, instead, will be disposed at Argonne.

Normal Beamline Setup for Remote Operation / Mail-in

  •  X-ray Energy: 13.3 keV
  • SAXS/WAXS q-range: 0.004 - ~2.3 A^-1
  • SAXS Sample-to-detector distance(SDD): ~2.0 m; WAXS SDD: ~42 cm
  • GISAXS SDD: ~ 2.0m; GIWAXS SDD: ~18 cm

Mail-in/Remote Program Receiving Address

ATTN: 12-ID Remote Operation Program
Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue, Bldg 433, Rm E030
Lemont, IL 60439

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